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The company was formed to create content with representation in mind. This soon expanded to training and events to highlight underrepresented areas in the industry based on our CEO’s knowledge of working in TV & film. We passionately believe that no part of the industry should be unobtainable by those from marginalised groups in society. Our outreach focuses on the Barking and Dagenham area because we believe there is a wealth of young talent that already exists within the borough that simply need to be given the opportunities to flourish. It is also an extremely diverse area, where 137 different languages are spoken. However this East London still ranks the lowest in arts and culture engagement. With the new Dagenham film studios coming, its important people in this area know how to transfer their skills to the film industry and gain knowledge of what opportunities are available. 2018 will be our busiest year with workshops and masterclasses every month, an inclusion trainee scheme and world cinema film festival.

Our Mission

To provide world class training in below the line jobs in the TV and film industry as well as create content reflecting the world we live in today. It is important that young people from all walks of life are afforded the opportunity to tell their own stories, as well as be included in the rich tapestry of the TV & film industry that already exists. Bluebird Pictures believes we can create a safe place for people to learn, form collaborations and work with us on productions to gain the experience to enter the industry confidently. We hope to create a model for inclusion in the industry both through productions and training in Barking and Dagenham that can eventually be modeled elsewhere in the country and internationally.

CEO & Founder

Joelle Mae David

Joelle Mae David

Joelle was born and raised in East London within a multi-cultural family.

She has worked across the board in the media industry from digital night editor at The Sun Newspaper and The Daily Mirror, to production assistant at the Premier League and assistant director in TV & film, on productions such as Aladdin, Tomb Raider, Lost  in London, and Guerrilla.

Frustrated at the lack of representation in the industry Joelle started the company to help make it more accessible to marginalised groups from different backgrounds, by  producing and directing a documentary series called ‘Hidden Talent’ on BBC 3 and other short passion projects.

It is her aim to provide access to the industry for those who otherwise would not be able to afford film school or know anyone connected to the TV and film industry, by creating a hub that’s available to all. The workshops, masterclasses and film festival are just some of the ways Joelle is increasing awareness of a problem that exists from the very top of the industry to the very bottom.  It is her mission to give everyone a voice in the industry she loves.

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Supporting filmmakers from all walks of life

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