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We are officially partnering with Screen Nation to bring an event to BAFTA in London on the 26th October all about the stunts industry. Here you can see our CEO Joelle Mae David and guest speaker Shaina West highlight the shortfall in minority stunt artists on London Live.

This event is particularly aimed at those from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic background who may be interested in training as a stunt artist, a current athlete or into fitness. This is because the stunts industry is unfortunately a very underrepresented area of the film industry and as we fight for more diversity on-screen this MUST be backed up in stunts too, as the demand for more diverse stunt artists increases.


BUT this isn’t just for athletes and wannabe stunt artists! Filmmakers, producers and production companies may also find this event beneficial if they want to use stunts in a future project but don’t know how the industry works.

What we have found is that most young people from diverse backgrounds simply do not know what the stunts industry is about, how to train or what to train in. It is therefore our aim though this initial event to educate the audience on what disciplines are needed to qualify, how and where to train, the costs and courses  available.

This will be told through a panel of professionals, including:

Marvin Campbell, stuntman: Inception, Casino Royale, Skyfall, The Bourne Ultimatum
Shain West, stuntwoman: Self-taught martial-artist
Jim Dowdell, The British Stunt Register
Bare Arms: A UK organisation specialising in fire arms for film and TV

With more to be announced!


More workshops will be announced in December

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