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Writing female characters

Women are often portrayed in a specific light in film and TV and although we are making progress, it’s still not where it should be. We often see women as the damsel in distress, the sexual distraction, or simply there to prop their male counterpart up. But we all know women are far more complex than this. So does this stem from how we are writing our female characters in the first place?

Our screenwriting workshop will focus on female characters, and writing authentic female voices. We hope the workshop will be interactive, with those who attend, willing to share ideas, get feedback and voice their opinion.

This workshop will be taught by the amazing A D Cooper.

Our workshop will take place in Barking on the 18th August and is FREE.  More details can be found here.



and Autumn.

Our directing workshop will focus on the female form, looking at examples, and setting up different shots, focusing on female actors, particularly those of colour.

We will also look at female directors, their work and how they have portrayed their female characters on camera. This class will be as interactive as possible, so please be prepared to asked questions and help set up shots.

We will have a special focus on films where women and activism is the main the main theme.

Make sure you bring your notepad and pens, all workshops are taught by professionals actively working in the industry, and we have found their advice and mentoring has been invaluable in our past workshops.

This class will take place in Barking on the 14th September 2018 and will be ran by Director of Photography Deepa Keshvala.


Documentary Edits

To celebrate 100 years since women got the vote and our women & activism documentary for Barking and Dagenham council, we are hosting a range of women and film workshops and screenings throughout the summer and Autumn.

Editing is one the areas in the film industry that has very few women. This workshop focuses on giving local residents and those interested in the area and opportunity to be involved with our women & activism documentary in a practical way.

Our editor will talk you through editing some sequences for our documentary teaching you the basics of sound, colour grading and transitions. While giving you the opportunity to have some creative input in how you’d like the documentary to look.

This workshop will take place on the 18th October 2018 after we have shot all our interviews and gathered our archive footage. More info can be found here.


*Check homepage for latest events and workshops*

Queen of Katwe

As part of HerStory we will be celebrating female activists with some amazing outdoor screenings at the fabulous Eastbury Manor House, ahead of our women & activism documentary.

On the 26th August we will be screening the Queen of Katwe.

Queen of Katwe is a 2016 American biographical sports drama film directed by Mira Nair and written by William Wheeler. Starring David Oyelowo, Lupita Nyong’o, and Madina Nalwanga, the film depicts the life of Phiona Mutesi, a Ugandan girl living in a slum in Katwe. She learns to play chess and becomes a Woman Candidate Master after her victories at World Chess Olympiads.

Tickets will be available on Eventbrite.


We also screened the films Whale Rider and Frida.

Access Stunts

We are officially partnering with Screen Nation to bring an event to BAFTA in London on the 26th October all about the stunts industry. Here you can see our CEO Joelle Mae David and guest speaker Shaina West highlight the shortfall in minority stunt artists on London Live.

This event is particularly aimed at those from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic background who may be interested in training as a stunt artist, a current athlete or into fitness. This is because the stunts industry is unfortunately a very underrepresented area of the film industry and as we fight for more diversity on-screen this MUST be backed up in stunts too, as the demand for more diverse stunt artists increases.


BUT this isn’t just for athletes and wannabe stunt artists! Filmmakers, producers and production companies may also find this event beneficial if they want to use stunts in a future project but don’t know how the industry works.

What we have found is that most young people from diverse backgrounds simply do not know what the stunts industry is about, how to train or what to train in. It is therefore our aim though this initial event to educate the audience on what disciplines are needed to qualify, how and where to train, the costs and courses  available.

This will be told through a panel of professionals, including:

Marvin Campbell, stuntman: Inception, Casino Royale, Skyfall, The Bourne Ultimatum
Shain West, stuntwoman: Self-taught martial-artist
Jim Dowdell, The British Stunt Register
Bare Arms: A UK organisation specialising in fire arms for film and TV

With more to be announced!


More workshops will be announced in December

Shortlisted for arts and culture award

CEO and founder Joelle Mae David has been shortlisted for a Women’s Empowerment award in Barking and Dagenham.

The award is for leadership in arts and culture within the borough.

This is now the third award Joelle has been shortlisted for this year. It is also the first year Joelle has dedicated the majority of her time to Bluebird Pictures, letting part-time jobs take a back seat.

This is because she is committed to making the TV and film industry more accessible for those from hard to reach areas.


World Cinema Film Festival Insta

We are no longer putting any World Cinema Film Festival updates on our Bluebird Pictures’ Instagram page, because we feel the festival deserves a page of its own!

All updates, including; submission deadlines, mentors, prizes, and workshops will be on WorldCinemaFilmFest, we will however keep you informed on our usual Twitter page.

To avoid being left behind make sure you give us a follow!

Documentary series 2014

This was Bluebird Pictures first ever production, a documentary series called Hidden Talent.

Hidden Talent set to explore unknown artists to and sharetheir stories. This was the beginning of a journey for Bluebird Pictures which set the precedent for all future work, because it was about undiscovered talent, and offering them a platform to shine.

Each episode followed an individual or group who created art, whether through music, painting or a business for the love of it, regardless of social or economical restraints.

The series was featured on BBC 3’s Through the Lens in 2014.

Episode one: Emperor The Stag

Hidden Talent: Episode 1, Emperor the Stag from Bluebird Pictures on Vimeo.

Episode Two: Mike Katende

Hidden Talent: Episode Two, Mike Katende from Bluebird Pictures on Vimeo.

Episode Three: Innabox

Hidden Talent: Episode Three, Innabox from Bluebird Pictures on Vimeo.

Episode Four: The Alice Phelps Band

Episode 4 – alice from Bluebird Pictures on Vimeo.

Shortlisted for Best Single Event


We are incredibly honoured and humbled to announce our inaugural World Cinema Film Festival event has been shortlisted for Best Single Event at the Cinema For All Awards in September. As you can see some fantastic film societies have been shortlisted and we are grateful to have Bluebird Pictures next to them. If you are in the UK and would like to come to the conference on the 7th and 8th of September, tickets can be purchased here. Thanks for all your support! Here’s to WCFF 2019!

Nominated for a Kickstarter Award

Our CEO and Founder Joelle Mae David was nominated for a Kickstarter Award by Arts Kickers earlier this year.

'The Kickstarter award is for a person or organisation that enables emerging artists to pursue a career in the arts.

Kickstarters know the rope. They don't just know what to say - they even know who to talk to. They know all too often that even the most gifted climbers need a hand up.

Kickstarters show us the ropes. There artskickers are the heroes who know their way around the batcave. They are the people who mentor support and stand by our side as we seek to pursue a career in the arts.'

And on Thursday 19th July Joelle was shortlisted in this category and will be joining the other shortlisted organisations on the 13th September at an award ceremony in Dalston.

It is always appreciated when hard work doesn't go unnoticed!

Continuing to bridge the gap between the industry and the maginalised...