Documentary series 2014

This was Bluebird Pictures first ever production, a documentary series called Hidden Talent.

Hidden Talent set to explore unknown artists to and sharetheir stories. This was the beginning of a journey for Bluebird Pictures which set the precedent for all future work, because it was about undiscovered talent, and offering them a platform to shine.

Each episode followed an individual or group who created art, whether through music, painting or a business for the love of it, regardless of social or economical restraints.

The series was featured on BBC 3’s Through the Lens in 2014.

Episode one: Emperor The Stag

Hidden Talent: Episode 1, Emperor the Stag from Bluebird Pictures on Vimeo.

Episode Two: Mike Katende

Hidden Talent: Episode Two, Mike Katende from Bluebird Pictures on Vimeo.

Episode Three: Innabox

Hidden Talent: Episode Three, Innabox from Bluebird Pictures on Vimeo.

Episode Four: The Alice Phelps Band

Episode 4 – alice from Bluebird Pictures on Vimeo.

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