World Cinema Film Festival 2019

After a successful first year, the World Cinema Film Festival will be back in 2019!

The theme will continue to be ‘what does culture mean to you?’

Our prizes this year included:

Subscription to Final Draft 10 (industry standard and worth $250)

Meetings with top industry professionals

Free casting with Backstage for LIFE

Screening and award ceremony at the WCFF

Our international winners were Tom Hancok and Varun Raman, a filmmaking duo from Bristol, who wowed us with their short film called TRANSMISSION, a post Brexit story. This was their 10th award!

Our Barking and Dagenham winner was Jaha Browne with her documentary; Homelands: Shakka. Part of a wider documentary series where black British musicians go back to their roots. Shakka explored the Caribbean island of Dominica during carnival season.

Next year we are hoping to bring you EVEN MORE top prizes, and unearth some creative talent and diverse voices, with early bird opening on Film Freeway in December, giving you 3 months of an early bird fee!

We are already preparing, with more categories:

Short film (under 30 mins)

Short documentary (under 30 mins)

With two winners in each, one international and one Barking and Dagenhgam.

Each year our we have decided to do a special Grand Jury prize starting in 2019, which means a panel of industry experts will pick an exceptional winner from all the submissions to award even more prizes to.

So if you are from South Asia or your heritage is South Asian, you are invited to submit a short film, documentary or animation in a separate category. This is to help a different marginalised group in the film industry each year excel with the winner receiving mentoring all year round.

Submit here!

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