About Us

About Us

Bluebird Pictures was started with the sole aim of creating honest, unapologetic content through film, documentary and commercial, while supporting and nurturing creatives on and off screen.

Founded by Joelle Mae David, with nothing but a few quid and a camera, the company has grown from a very small one woman band to a roster of incredible freelancers, filmmakers and talent.

We now operate from an incredible studio in Barking, East London (a hidden gem) and have begun to push forward more passion projects.


Our Focus

To create projects that can make you feel, make you question, and sometimes make you uncomfortable.

To support new ideas, new concepts and new filmmakers.

To mentor emerging creatives and increase representation in front and behind camera.

Our Mission

To provide world class services in filmmaking, and  generate ideas that are outside the box and not necessarily in line with what everyone else is doing.

To find talent from around the globe through our World Cinema Film Festival. Our festival will offer prizes designed to help filmmakers from marginalised or low socio economic backgrounds take the next step in their careers.

Lastly, we will continually strive for real equality and inclusion in the film industry and never box anyone in, we are open to all kinds of stories and filmmakers.

Our Goal

To be a production company that’s unafraid to push boundaries and spark conversation

Meet The Team

Meet the team behind Bluebird Pictures.

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