Our CEO and Founder Joelle Mae David was nominated for a Kickstarter Award by Arts Kickers earlier this year. ‘The Kickstarter award is for a person or organisation that enables emerging artists to pursue a career in the arts. Kickstarters know the rope. They don’t just know what to say – they even know who to talk to.

They know all too often that even the most gifted climbers need a hand up. Kickstarters show us the ropes. There artskickers are the heroes who know their way around the batcave. They are the people who mentor support and stand by our side as we seek to pursue a career in the arts, and on Thursday 19th July, Joelle was shortlisted in this category and will be joining the other shortlisted organisations on the 13th September at an award ceremony in Dalston.

It is always appreciated when hard work doesn’t go unnoticed! Continuing to bridge the gap between the industry and the marginalised…

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