Female Filmmaker Award in Partnership with the Tape Collective

As the World Cinema Festival continues to grow we wanted to make sure that we highlight women-centered stories in film. We are excited to announce that this year we will also be including a ‘Female Filmmaker Award’ in partnership with the Tape Collective.

The Tape Collective is an organisation that is inspired by underrepresented voices in film and believes in giving them a platform to highlight the variety that these filmmakers have to offer to the industry.

They also pride themselves on championing the hidden gems from the festival film circuit and bringing them to new audiences.

This award will be given to a female or non-binary filmmaker with a female-centered story that has been selected from the film festival.

As part of the collaboration, the Tape Collective will select several films to be included in this showcase with an overall winner receiving £250 towards their next project.

The Tape Collective will also be introducing a women’s voices award at this years World Cinema Film Festival .

This is a collaboration that we are delighted to announce as we believe that more female filmmakers should receive the recognition they deserve for their hard work, initiative and, contribution to the film industry.

We cant wait to watch your films , please share this article with any filmmakers you feel will be interested in taking part and don’t forget to submit!

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