Bluebird Pictures’ Joelle David Directing Channel 4 Drama Series – Queenie

We are delighted to announce that Joelle, Founder and Director of Bluebird Pictures, will be directing Queenie, a TV Drama based on the best selling novel by Candice Carty-Williams. The 8 episode series has been commissioned by Channel 4, and backed by Onyx Collective, a content brand owned and operated by Disney Entertainment, primarily consisting…

Artificial Intelligence: Revolutionising the Film Industry or a Loss of Creativity, Authenticity and Diversity?

Last week, The Guardian released an article exploring the potential impacts of Artificial Intelligence on the TV and Film Industry, and whether or not it could potentially change Hollywood forever. We’re all familiar with the “Artificial Intelligence turns on humans” trope, with films such as ‘Megan’, and I,Robot, but should we be more open to…

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